Thick Skeleton Skull Arsenic: The Perfect Gift

Me and Hydrogen bonding*! We are totes BFFL!! :D Whenever we’re together people totally die because of how awesome our friendship is*! LOLZ XP

i am in this! Actually, I’m in pretty much everything.. food, water, even the air!** i photo bomb you whether you like it or nah

but if you mess with me as AsH3, I am so much more dangerous. People say I am more “absorbent” like whatevs*

Every time i go to the beach i get the coolest bronze tarnish and if i’m there too long, i get a black tan. IDK I guess it must be because of the moist air*…. Also like, it’s the weirdest thing, if i get to warm, like on fire or something, lolz, I smell like garlic!* Olive Garden here I come! XD